Refundable Accommodation Deposit

Residential Elder Care

Our Residential Eldercare offering provides the highest standard of care, safety and comfort for our residents, and challenges traditional perceptions of Aged Care in Australia by de-institutionalising the model of care.

Our carefully selected clinical team are recognised as the best in the industry – professional, skilled and progressive in their approach to resident wellness and care, As well as being ‘carers’ for our residents, our staff members are also their close friends, learning about their passions and experiences in the past in order to provide the best individualised care.

Our Lifestyle Team has been consistently recognised as one of the most innovative and forward thinking across Asia and are devoted to tailoring programs that focus on our resident’s past experiences and passions.

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Summary of Fees and Accommodation Deposits

Respite Fees (Payable monthly):

  • Basic Daily Care Fee – $49.42 per day
  • Additional Service Fee & Extra Service Fee – $47.88 per day 

Permanent Fees (Payable monthly):

  • Basic Daily Care Fee –  $49.42 per day
  • Additional Service Fee & Extra Service Fee – $47.88 per day

The Accommodation Payment (RAD/DAP) is a contribution towards the cost of your accommodation.

  • Maximum permissible interest rate (Govt. set):  5.70%
  • A Means Tested Care Fee (a contribution towards one’s care costs) may be charged based on a determination made by the Department of Human Services.  The maximum Means Tested Care Fee that a resident can be asked to pay per year is $26,566.54 with a lifetime limit of $63,759.75 indexed twice yearly.

Approved Deposits:

  • Superior Suite – $750,000
  • Executive Suite – $995,000
  • Premium Executive Suite – $1,500,000
  • Penthouse Suites – $1,750,000

As per Government legislation, there are 4 options for paying Approved Deposits. Please call us on (02) 8197 6100 for more information.